Whether you need an extreme makeover or just a simple filling, Stetic Implant & Dental Centers is the right choice for your dental care in Mexico.  ​Since 2009 thousands of US and Canadian patients have discovered the secret to reliable dental care at low Stetic prices when searching for dental implants in Mexico.


Stetic specializes at what's called 'extreme makeovers'. In just a few short months we can give you a smile you can smile about--even when replacing large numbers of missing teeth.  


Stetic has a number of Implantologists ready to help you replace missing teeth.  Implants have become the preferred method for tooth replacement--we've made it affordable for anybody.  Yet, we don't sacrifice quality, we use US FDA-approved implants.


When your natural bone is insufficient to support implants or a denture it is sometimes necessary to build bone with grafting and sinus lifts.  


Bone grafting, block grafting, and sinus lifts are all part and parcel of the skills available at Stetic.


Endodontics are necessary when an otherwise viable tooth becomes suspect.  Stetic has an in-house Endodontist who can quickly and easily effect the procedure.


Stetic can help you with basic dentistry as well.  With our in-house Prosthodontist you can have your procedures done by a specialist at a Stetic price.



Years of Experience

Smiling  Clients

Master Certifications

Happy Staff


Dr. Juan Mendez

Specialist in Implantology,

Specialist in Prosthodontics,

Masters in Education

Dr. Edmundo Zoquiapa

Specialist in Endodontics,

Diplomate in Implantology




Dr. Juan Mendez

Specialist in Implantology,

Specialist in Prosthodontics,

Masters in Education

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez

Specialist in Periodontics,

Specialist in Implantology


Lupita, Yari, Juli, Yari (L to R)


Gonzalo Aleman

Practice Manager

Dr. Antonio Cook

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

All-on-Four Procedure

$14999 SALE! Send us an email for more information.

All-on-Six Procedure

$14999 SALE! Send us an email for more information.

Cleaning- Basic


Cleaning- Deep

$60 per quadrant

Cleaning- Curettage & Debridement

$120 per quadrant

Denture- Acrylic

$250 per jaw

Denture- Porcelain

$500 per jaw

Denture- Porcelain w/metal substructure

$750 per jaw

Extraction- Simple


Extraction- Molar


Extraction- Surgical Molar


Implant- Hypoallergenic Zirconia (includes abutment and Zirconia crown)


Implant- Titanium (includes abutment & PFM crown)


Implant- Abutment Upgrade (Zirconia)


Implant- Crown Upgrade (Zirconia)


Implant- Bone Graft, Granulated (includes 1 cc of bone material)


Implant- Bone Graft, Block (TBD per consultation)


Root Canal Therapy- Simple (2 roots or less)


Root Canal Therapy- Complex (more than 2 roots)


Root Canal Therapy- EndoPost


Sinus Lift (includes 1cc of bone graft material)

$650 per side

Teeth Whitening- Basic Bleaching


Teeth Whitening- Zoom


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Our Address

100 S. Benito Juarez Avenue

(Two blocks south of the International Bridge)

Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, MX 88810

info@SteticIDC.com \\ US Tel: 956-565-5100

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday by Appointment



The experience was excellent. The entire staff is efficient and professional. We highly recommend Stetic Implant and Dental Centers for excellent dental care.

I love this clinic and I will keep going to it for any treatment I need, as long as their door are open

Patricia H.

Mrs. M

I am very happy with the work that they did and I don't believe I would have had better in the US, even at 3 times the price. They worked with me and my insurers and I received a good chunk of the cost back from them.

Ian S.

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