Too scared to travel to Mexico?

Our new patient, Steve H., left Nuevo Progreso on August 2nd on his way back to north Texas. He was recommended to us by Keith & Maxie F.

Steve is an experienced traveler to Mexico since he'd lived in California most of his life and traveled occasionally to Tijuana. Even so he admitted that coming to Nuevo Progreso had concerned him at first. The news in previous years had sounded so fearsome that coming to Mexico, for any reason, seemed unwise. Nevertheless, he needed lots of dental care and, although he has a reasonably good income, he wasn't insured so all the expense would be borne out-of-pocket.

When I transported Steve into Nuevo Progreso he saw families strolling down the main street, seemingly unconcerned. He also saw a large number of elderly tourists on the street (unharmed).

Was this the same Mexico he'd heard so many bad things about? It is.

Like any other part of the world Mexico has its good and bad areas. However, Nuevo Progreso has the reputation for being the safest place on the US-Mexico border. As I mentioned to Steve the elderly people he saw walking unconcernedly in our little pueblo aren't the types who look for high adventure. They're in Nuevo Progreso to save money on their dental care and medications.

Naturally, it's always good to be careful and aware of your surroundings. That's true if you're in a foreign country or at your neighborhood Walmart in the US. A few years ago around the 4th of July a prospective patient from Chicago questioned me about violence in Nuevo Progreso. I reminded the individual that Chicago had experienced 72 violent deaths during the holiday while Nuevo Progreso hadn't experienced even one. My recommendation: Leave Chicago, now! Of course, I was joking.

Steve left Nuevo Progreso perfectly happy with the work done by Dr. Edmundo Zoquiapa, our Endodontist/Implantologist. He was also happy with the friendliness and efficiency of the staff. He promised to refer many of his friends who also need dental work.

We'll get to spend time with Steve again in 4 months for additional work. Thanks, Steve!

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